Do you feel stuck in your life? Do you feel confused and a lack of clarity? 
It could be regarding life in general, or in one area of your life: your work, your relationship, your health or your personal growth and realisation…
Do you have an intuition that there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing? 
I can help you identify the root of the unease, and from there give you the tools and support for your journey to fulfilment, purpose and meaning.

Here are some of the things people I have worked with said:

"Thank you so much Durita, I have learned so much, both personally and for my work!" Kirstin

"Thank you so much for letting me experience this process! It has been so empowering" Joan

"This has given me ideas and inspiration that I can keep working with. It has been both exciting and challenging…" Dora

"This truly made me understand how important it is to change my attitude and old habitual ways of thinking. This really makes a difference" Ingrid

"This gave me the courage to try something new, and the courage to have success and believe in myself.
I have become so excited about life" Mariann

"Thank you for, with wisdom and well chosen words, showing me the way to my innermost self, where the pain, the beauty and the courage reside." Ann